7 Bariatric surgery benefits besides weight loss

We came across a nice framework of these benefits from the Cleveland Clinic, and addended the framework with studies from the medical literature for your perusal.

  1. Long term remission of type 2 diabetes: In multiple studies, including this one published in the Annals of Surgery in 2016, over 52% of patients who underwent bariatric surgery had complete remission of their diabetes, and another 6% had partial remission. Meanwhile, no patients in the control group had remission of diabetes.

  2. Improved cardiovascular health: This review nicely lays out the data that in analyses of patients who underwent bariatric surgery, over 75% had complete resolution of diabetes, 62% of hypertension, and over 70% of high cholesterol. In large cohort studies that followed patients over a period of time, bariatric surgery was shown to reduce mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke by over 30%.

  3. Relief of depression: Many patients who struggle with obesity and weight loss efforts struggle with poor body image, body dysphoria, and depression. This systematic review that collectively studied 33 studies with a combined total of over 12,500 patients found that bariatric surgery alleviates depression in obese patients – regardless of surgery type, assessment tool, follow-up period, and country!

  4. Eliminate obstructive sleep apnea: There is a strong relationship between obesity and the development of obstructive sleep apnea, which necessitates that patients use a CPAP machine to sleep. This systematic review looked at 69 studies and a combined total of 13,900 patients, and found that all types of bariatric surgery achieved profound effects on sleep apnea, with over 75% patients noting improvements in symptoms.

  5. Joint pain relief: Many patients who carry excess weight experience long term chronic joint pain, which can greatly affect their quality of life. This cohort study enrolled more than half a million patients, and found that bariatric surgery was associated with long-term pain relief, lower use of pain medication, and decreased mortality (rate of death) among patients with osteoarthritis.

  6. Improve fertility: Weight loss can improve fertility during childbearing years. This is a nice review that outlines how bariatric surgery improves factors related to anovulation and lead to spontaneous fertility. In particular, studies have found higher levels of key hormones (SHBG and FSH) and decreased androgens among patient who have undergone bariatric surgery. Further, studies have also found changes to the length of the menstrual cycle which can contribute to improved rates of ovulation.

  7. Alleviate other medical conditions such as gallbladder disease, metabolic syndrome, and pregnancy complications: Bariatric surgery can also relieve other chronic conditions including insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and complications that arise from these diseases.

Bariatric surgery presents a powerful tool for providing sustained relief in the way of durable weight loss for patients who struggle with obesity.


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