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Weight Loss Surgery Specialist

Siva P Mullangi, MD, FACS -  - Bariatric Surgeon

Siva P Mullangi, MD, FACS

Bariatric Surgeon & General Surgeon located in Chino, CA & Placentia, CA

Weight loss surgery is a potential solution for people with severe weight problems who find it impossible to slim down. If your BMI is over 35, you might qualify for weight loss surgery with board-certified general surgeon Siva Mullangi, MD, FACS, in Chino and Placentia, California. Dr. Mullangi has extensive experience performing gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and single anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy (SADI) weight loss surgeries. To find out more and benefit from his expertise, call the office of Siva Mullangi, MD, FACS, or book an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Surgery Q & A

What is weight loss surgery?

Weight loss or bariatric surgery is a proven method of achieving long-lasting weight reduction. Dr. Mullangi provides advanced surgical weight loss options for those struggling with excess weight to the extent that it poses a significant risk to their health.

Surgery is not a substitute for weight loss through diet and exercise. For most people, healthy living combined with eating less and being more physically active is the ideal way to reduce extra pounds.

However, for some people, these methods are especially challenging. Even with medically managed weight loss programs that use prescription appetite suppressants and behavioral therapy, you may not get your weight down to a level that resolves your health problems.

If you're in this situation, weight loss surgery could be life-changing.

Do I qualify for weight loss surgery?

You have to meet certain criteria to qualify for weight loss surgery, as you could be facing a major, irreversible operation. These criteria relate to your BMI (body mass index), which is a figure calculated from your height and weight. The number indicates whether you're a healthy weight or not.

If your BMI is 35 or above and you have a serious medical condition like heart disease, you could qualify for weight loss surgery. A BMI of 40 or higher means you're likely to be eligible for weight loss surgery whether you have any obesity-related medical conditions or not.

One further qualification for weight loss surgery is that you need to show Dr. Mullangi you're committed to the process. This typically involves sticking to a healthy eating plan before your surgery.

What type of weight loss surgery might I need?

Dr. Mullangi performs several different weight loss surgeries, including:

Gastric bypass

The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most effective form of weight loss surgery. Dr. Mullangi reduces the size of your stomach by around 80%, then reroutes your small intestine to the new pouch. Bypass surgery works in two ways: first, by limiting the quantity of food you can eat, and second, by reducing the absorption of calories with the bypass.

Sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of your stomach and leaves you with a banana-sized pouch or sleeve. Your capacity to eat diminishes significantly, plus the section of stomach Dr. Mullangi removes affects production of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which means you don't get so hungry.

Single anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy (SADI)

SADI combines sleeve gastrectomy with reconnection of the duodenum (the upper part of your small intestine) to the ileum (the lower section of your small intestine). This procedure may help you absorb more micronutrients from your food and reduce the risk of diarrhea.

Dr. Mullangi uses minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques to perform weight loss surgery, and may also use robotic-assisted systems for optimal accuracy.

To find out if you're a good candidate for weight loss surgery, call Siva Prasad Mullangi, MD, today or book an appointment online.